Steel Press Cider FARMHOUSE funk 5%. 

A Twist on the original STEEL PRESS stalwart and it will give your mouth that sharp, strong, quenching kick you’ve been craving. A throw back to the big flavoured, FARMHOUSE English ciders, with a strong apple taste and perfume. It’s got the dry, sour, robust boldness of traditional ciders, which develops into NOTES OF OAK AND MARZipan ending with moorish SAVOuRINESS. 


Steel Press Cider BEE 5%.

The bee is our Full-bodied, smooth, sweeter cider. brew bee has a strong apple flavour, developing into a caramel and fig richness and finishing with that trademark Steel Press tang, it’s cloudy, punchy and infused with our special ingredient – all-natural NZ honey.


STEEL Press cider Maple & Pine 5%.

This cider is sweet and bright. Maple & Pine cider is made with 100% Canadian maple syrup and New Zealand pine. With a complex sweetness to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth while also having a refreshingly light, bright pine finish.


Steel Press Cider Barrel Aged Cherry 6.5%.

A traditional cider which has been barrel aged and Nelson cherries soaked for one month and back sweetened. A dry moreish cider with a subtle cherry hit.